Log School

This log school, whose name is lost in time, was built in Douglas Township likely in the early 1850s on ground owned by Thomas and Eliza (Burt) McDonald.  Later the log school was moved, boarded up for warmth, and became the home of Francis and Ida (Ruth) McDonald then Henry and Lovina (Zook) Kuntz. 

After 1890, it was used for storage rather than a home.  At the time it was moved to the Madison County Historical Complex in 1979, it was owned by the Kuntz’s granddaughter, Eunice (Kuntz) Hann, and her husband, Paul Hann. 

Restoration was again needed 40 years later in 2019.  A local stone mason removed old chinking between the logs, scraped wood rot off each individual log, and stabilized the internal structure before re-chinking the logs.